Printer Attacks

November 29, 2011

HP is looking into some new attacks on their Laserjet printer line, discovered by researchers at Columbia. It seems that the printers will, by default, accept unauthenticated firmware updates sent along with a print job. Uh-oh.


November 15, 2011

From a post on the Interesting People mailing list:

Craig S Wright says: “I was contracted to test the systems on a Boeing 747. They had added a new video system that ran over IP. They segregated this from the control systems using layer 2 – VLANs. We managed to break the VLANs and access other systems and with source routing could access the Engine management systems.”

Columbia FOG

November 8, 2011

An interesting, DARPA-funded project over at Columbia: FOG allows for false documents to be created which then “beacon” a message back to the originator when they are opened. Clearly, the intent is twofold – to seed places like Wikileaks with false information, and to ferret out people who are trading in stolen documents.